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Wood Preservation

Lone Star Seal woodIn Texas its very common for backyards to be enclosed by a wood fence.  We Texans also love our wood decks, benches, play sets, and other outdoor furniture.  A well maintained wood deck or porch can add value to your home and provide a great area for entertaining family and friends.  The wood play structure is a great addition to any family backyard and can provide hours of fun activity for the kids.  

The best defense against decay is preventing water intrusion through design, good workmanship, and sealing.

High moisture content is one of the most common contributory factors for deterioration of wood. No wonder, people living in humid regions, such as the gulf coast, are most likely to face the problem of wood decay. Dry rot is one such problem that occurs when certain types of fungi feed on damp wood thereby causing it to dry up or crumble.  

Preventing fungal attack is simply a matter of keeping wood relatively dry.  Pressure treated wood is not water resistant and will swell and crack.

Lone Star Seal will us Wood Steel sealant to help you preserve your wood deck, fence, patio, and more.  Wood Steel provides a silicon shield that prevents water intrusion virtually stopping rot and decay for years.  Wood Steel molecularly bonds with and becomes part of the wood.  It is not just a coating on top of the surface like paint or glue.  The barrier becomes a remarkable, protective water resistant that greatly extends the life of natural and pressure treated wood.  We can apply Wood Steel to any water based painted or stained wood.