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Rocksteel WS100: Woodsteel

WoodSteel is a non-yellowing, transparent, high performance silicon polymer sealer which weather proofs, protects, and preserves wood. WoodSteel is transparent and will preserve the natural look of many woods, but will enhance and/or darken the color of some woods.



  • Provides the maximum protection
    from water damage
  • Strongly resists swelling, rot,
    decay and warping
  • Maintenance free - works for years
    not months
  • Not a coating; molecularly bonds to the surface and becomes part of the material, won't peel off
  • Especially effective against the weathering effects of salt water
  • Unprecedented protection
  • Fast curing, begins bonding in seconds, cures in 20-30 minutes
  • Impervious to immediate rainfall
  • Particularly effective where post
    or beams are set in the ground or rest
    in standing water
  • Easy one step application -
    Use indoors or outdoors
  • Exceptionally effective for wood with ground or concrete exposure where water can pool or splash
  • Can be applied over latex painted surfaces


Normally only requires one coat. Always test an area before application. See application instructions for important details.
Flash PointVOC ContentColorUnit
54°F 787g/L Transparent 1g/3.79L

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